As an undergraduate, there are often opportunities to become a teaching assistant within the department. Preference is given to third or fourth year students who have successfully passed freshman and sophomore classes.

There are also over 25 scholarships awarded each year to undergraduate students throughout the department. The scholarships provide summer research stipends or academic year tuition. Scholarships are awarded each Spring at the Undergraduate Scholarship Banquet.

The primary criteria for the awards are:

  • Professional promise of a career in chemistry or biochemistry
  • Professional activities within the department
  • Cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher

The chemistry department expresses their sincere thanks to the award and scholarship donors. Award descriptions, amounts, and conditions for eligibility are given below. If you would like more information on any of the following awards, please e-mail or stop by the main office. Awards are usually in the $500 - $1000 range.

P. C. Gaines Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1963 in memory of P.C. Gaines, long-time faculty member and department head from 1945-1957. Prof. Gaines is remembered as a kind person and outstanding teacher.
This award is generally given to one or more students early in their chemistry careers who show promise in chemistry.

O. E. Sheppard Award

This scholarship honors Oden E. Sheppard, a professor in our department from 1922-1946 and the Department Head for 15 years. Dr. Sheppard was an excellent teacher and administrator. He was one of the three founders of the Montana Section of the American Chemical Society in 1928. Two of Prof. Sheppard's sons earned B.S. degrees in chemistry from Montana State. One daughter, Gyda Flint, earned her B.S. in chemistry from Montana State in 1943, and she remains a strong supporter of this scholarship and of our department.
This award is generally given to one or more students early in their chemistry careers to those who show promise in chemistry.

B. L. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Award

This scholarship was established to perpetuate Dr. Johnson's ideals and principles through students who are searching for high goals and achievements.
Selection criteria include: good character; demonstrated potential ability to be of great service to the field of chemistry and society; outstanding ability.

E. E. Frahm Award

The E.E. Frahm Scholarship Fund was launched in 1974 by gifts from Miss Helen Story and the 3M Company. Elmer Edward Frahm was Acting Head of the Department of Chemistry from 1965-1967.
Recipients must be chemistry majors, have completed at least one year of course work, have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.

Ray Woodriff Award

The purpose of this award is to honor Prof. Ray A. Woodriff, who devoted 43 years of his life to the service of students and science and the Department of Chemistry at MSU.
Junior standing as well as imagination, independence of thought and creativity, as well as performance in analytical chemistry courses, is also used as a criterion.

Fry Award

The Fry Award, established in 1995 by Dr. Arthur and Lois Fry, is intended to offer scholarships to undergraduate students in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.
The primary criteria are 1) scholarship, 2) professional activities within the Department, and 3) professional promise for a career in chemistry/biochemistry.

Energy Laboratories Award

Established by William T. Brown, President of Energy laboratories in recognition of the benefit the Energy Laboratories enjoys from the quality of education received by the graduates of MSU's Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.
The award is made to students pursuing a degree in Chemistry with a GPA of 3.0 or greater, for use in their junior and senior years.

Edna Tracey White Award

This scholarship was established to assist deserving women students from the State of Montana. The award is in honor of Mrs. Edna Tracey White, a graduate of the Chemistry Department at Montana State University.
This scholarship is given to a female junior or senior Chemistry major.

Paul B. and Marie B. Davidson Scholarship

This scholarship is named for Dr. Paul Davidson, a research chemist, and his wife, Marie, a home economist and homemaker. Both were 1919 graduates of MSU.
The scholarship rotates between students in Chemistry and a program previously known as Home Economics.

E. W. Mares Award

Award established by Ernest W, Mares, a graduate of the MSU Department of Chemistry, in 1981.
Recipient must demonstrate good citizenship and character, be energetic and conscientious and be serious about a career in Chemistry.

Dr. and Mrs. Chi-Tang Li Scholarship

Award was established by Dr. and Mrs. Chi-Tang Li. Dr. Chi-Tang was a 1964 graduate of the Chemistry Department.
Recipients must be students pursing a degree in Chemistry. Scholarship recipients must pledge to make a contribution in the field of Chemistry and to work to improve racial harmony in the United States of America.

GHC Undergraduate Research Grant Award

Created by Dr. Harlan J. Byker in gratitude to the MSU Chemistry Department and its staff, particularly Professors Geer, Howald, and Callis.
Recipients are selected based on their curiosity about chemistry, ability to perform research and grade point average with emphasis on curiosity and ability.

Outstanding Freshman Award

CRC Press Freshman Chemistry Achievement program awards a chemistry handbook to our outstanding freshman. Recipient is chosen based on outstanding academic achievement in chemistry during their freshman year.

Frederik A. Kekule Award

Dr. Arthur Fry, an MSU Chemistry Department Alumnus gives this award to honor Frederik Kekule, the founder of the structural theory of organic chemistry.
It is given to the sophomore major who is judged to be most outstanding on the basis of scholarship and professional promise in organic chemistry.

Outstanding Senior Award

Merck & CO., Inc. sponsors the Merck Index Award, which honors outstanding graduating seniors in the department.
It is given to a senior major who is judged outstanding on the basis of scholastic achievement in chemistry.