Graduate Student Seminars - SPRING 2024


Dear Prospective Students;

We are an extremely research-active department, numbering 20 research active, tenure track faculty (and growing!) and ~80 graduate students working toward their PhD. degrees.  Our research activities are both broad and deep, ranging from chemical synthesis to energy conversion and storage to biochemical catalysis.  Furthermore, our research has impact!  Discoveries made by researchers in our department are published in some of the most prestigious journals, and findings are presented by students and faculty alike at regional, national, and international meetings.

Our graduate programs have been designed with care and are intended to provide you with the training and mentoring you need to develop independent, critical thinking skills and become leaders in their fields.  A balanced combination of coursework and independent investigation is mapped out with guidance from faculty advisors.  Depending on the nature of your research project, courses can be taken in other departments on campus. Collaborative interactions with other research groups within and outside of the department are quite common. 

You to be pushed to think independently and to critically analyze scientific problems that span disciplinary boundaries so at the conclusion of your graduate education at Montana State University, you should have professional command of the fundamentals of your disciplines and the ability to initiate new lines of insightful research addressing important and timely questions.  

We encourage you to explore our website and program information.  If you have any questions, please contact,

Doreen Brown Ed.D

Graduate Program Director

Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry