Fall 2020 

Friday Seminars will be held virtually via WEBEX at 3:10 pm.

Friday, Aug. 21

Careers in Government Labs Panel (Mike Mock host)

Friday, Aug. 28

Careers in Industry Panel (Sharon Neufeldt host)

Friday, Sept. 4

Careers in PUIs Panel (Mary Cloninger host)

Friday, Sept. 11

Postdoctoral Panel (Jen DuBois host)

Friday, Sept. 18

Alternative Careers Panel (Sharon Neufledt host) 

Friday, Sept. 25

Dr. Shannon Boettcher  from the University of Oregon will present 

"Towards a Molecular Understanding of Dynamic Fe-based Oxygen Evolution Catalysts"

Heterogeneous electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) are complicated materials with dynamic structures. They exhibit potential-induced phase transitions, potential-dependent electronic properties, variable oxidation and protonation states, and disordered local/surface phases. These properties make understanding the OER, and ultimately designing higher-efficiency catalysts, challenging. Measurements of intrinsic activity show that, by far, the most-active phases for OER under alkaline conditions are Fe-containing mixed-metal oxyhydroxides, but exactly how the function remains controversial. I will discuss our work to understand the key properties of these catalysts, including morphology, composition, and molecular/electronic structure, and how they evolve and are dynamic under active catalytic conditions. These concepts inform design strategies for higher-performance catalyst architectures and for their incorporation into practical electrolyzer devices to make clean hydrogen fuel from inexpensive renewable electricity.

The seminar will be hosted by Prof. Nicholas Stadie.

Friday, Oct. 2

Dr. Dipti Nayak, UC Berkeley,  (Roland Hatzenpichler host)

Friday, Oct. 9 

Dr. John Kiely  (Mary Cloninger host)

Friday, Oct.16

Dr. Evan Yu (Martin Teinze host)

Friday, Oct. 23

Dr. Betül Kaçar, University of Arizona; Experimental Evolution (Roland Hatzenpichler host)

Friday, Oct 30

Dr. Elizabeth Shank , UMASS Medical School (Roland Hatzenpichler host)

Friday, Nov 6

Dr. Joanna Atkin (Erik Grumstrup host

Friday Nov 13

Dr. Zhongyue Yang (Sharon Neufeldt host)