The Montana State University Macromolecular Crystallography Facility provides modern facilities for macromolecular crystallization and structural analysis. Equipment within this facility includes two Rigaku RU-H3R X-ray generators, one MAR 345 and one R-Axis 4++ image plate area detector. Each image plate detector is complemented with Osmic Confocal Optics and Oxford Instruments Cryojets. One X-ray generator is currently equipped with a Cr anode, optimal for in house anomalous data collection at the sulfur edge. A third set of Osmic optics and an additional Cu anode are in house if we need to revert to Cu Kα X-rays on this generator.

The facility is also equipped for macromolecular crystallization with Honeybee crystallization robot, constant temperature crystal growth chambers, microscopes etc. Two Linux workstations are dedicated to data collection and reduction and include 160 gigabytes of hard disk space. Four shared SGI workstations (Octanes) provide molecular graphics.