Assistant Professor in Chemistry (August 2020)

Keywords: Theoretical Chemistry, Computational Materials Chemistry, Quantum Science

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Research Interests:

We create and apply theoretical methods/models to diverse areas of chemistry, with a focus on materials chemistry. Subfields of interest are nonlinear spectroscopy, catalysis, material interfaces, strong correlation, and electron-spin dynamics. Based on quantum mechanical principles and our DFT (density functional theory) methods, domain separated DFT and second linear response time-dependent DFT, we are currently developing electronic structure algorithms for the computation of multi-photon processes in molecules (e.g., interaction with quantum light), the accurate prediction of transition state energy barriers (which has been challenging for standard DFT techniques), and the understanding of molecule-surface/nanoparticle interactions. Our research strongly overlaps with the fields of quantum computing, computation at the nanoscale, machine learning, and statistical mechanics/thermodynamics. Our studies in materials chemistry involve the creative and efficient use of high-performance computing to predict electronic and optical phenomena in semiconductors, of any dimensionality. We are usually interested in materials/systems that are relevant to cutting-edge experiments.

Selected publications:

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