Department Seminar Schedule 

Spring 2024

Schedule for Room Reservations

Schedule for Byker and Conference Rooms 


Important Library Resources for Chemistry

From this website:

Web of Science

Select “W” and then “”Web of Science”


Select “R” and then “Reaxys”

SciFinder Web

Select “S” and then “SciFinder Web”. You must register to use this search engine.


On the left side, if you select “Genomes and Maps”, you can then select “Genome” and see sequence data for many organisms. Also on the left side of the home screen for NCBI, you can select “Literature”. The “Bookshelf” on the literature page contains many textbooks. “PubMed” is also accessible via “Literature” and is a search engine that you can use to access journal articles.  Back on the home screen for NCBI, in the middle of the page you can select “Learn” to see many useful tutorials.


Go to MSU’s software page at and follow the directions to register for ChemDraw.

Other Software Available to MSU Students

Other licensed software is listed on this page that may be of benefit to you (MS Office, Mathematica, Matlab, etc):

Safety Trainings

Go to the website for MSU’s Department of Safety and Risk Management at

Click on “Training” where it says “I need information on. . . .”

Click “Online Training” and use the provided username and password

Choose applicable trainings such as “Biosafety in the Laboratory” and “Laboratory Hazard Identification”

Additional Safety and Responsible Conduct of Research Trainings

Go to

Register (first time) or Login (future times)

Choose applicable trainings such as “Biomedical Responsible Conduct of Research” or “Physical Science Responsible Conduct of Research” or safety trainings applicable to your lab.

Office of Research Compliance

Every research-active university has an Office of Research Compliance. This office is a resource to ensure that all research is conducted according to guidelines established by appropriate regulatory agencies. This office is also a resource to guide all labs at MSU in the conduct of ethical and responsible research. For contact information, see their website at