The Chemistry and Biochemistry Department requires all of its undergraduate majors to conduct research. We feel that the opportunity to discover new facts and phenomena through research is the heart of science. By conducting research, the student can experience the excitement and challenge of modern chemistry and biochemistry first hand. Undergraduate research also gives the student the opportunity to work with a faculty member and scientists from other departments at MSU.

The Department has a great variety of modern equipment and facilities and is one of the most research-intensive departments on campus. Students can pursue research during the academic year for credit, and stipends are generally provided for students conducting summer research. We encourage undergraduates at all levels to consider getting involved in research, but especially those who have completed at least two years of their chemistry and biochemistry curriculum.

Each spring, our undergraduates participate in an Undergraduate Poster Symposium. Twenty to twenty-five students generally present posters describing their research projects. Departmental faculty and many administrators, often including the President, Provost, and Dean, attend the event.