Spring 2019                                              

Friday, Jan 11 

Prof. Jeremy Johnson from the Dept. of Chemistry and BIochemistry at Brigham Young University, will present "Distinguishing Nonlinear Terahertz Excitation Pathways with 2-Dimensional Spectroscopy." Byker Auditorium 3:10 pm. Prof. Erik Grumstrup host.

Friday, Jan 18

Dr. David Zigler Assistant Professor from the Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo.  will present "Electronic State Tuning through Metal-Ligand Covalency: First Row Transition Metals are Worth Exciting!" Byker Auditorium at 3:10 pm. Professor Erik Grumstrup is the host.

Thursday, Jan 24

Dr. Keith Hollis from the Dept. of Chemistry at Mississippi State University will present "Designing, Developing and Applying Molecules to Solve Tomorrow’s Problems: CCC-NHC Pincer Complexes: Early and Late Transition Metal Complexes – Synthesis & Applications."   Byker Auditorium at 3:10 pm

Friday, Feb 1-

Dr. Anja Kunze  Asst. Professor, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering (MSU) will present "Nano-Scaled Forces for Neurotherapeutics." Byker Auditorium at 3:10 pm

Friday, Feb 8

Prof. Scott Warren from UNC, Chapel Hill will present "2D Heterostructures for Energy Storage and Electronics: Exploring the Limits of Weak and Strong Interlayer Interactions."  Byker Auditorium at 3:10 pm. Prof. Nicholas Stadie host.

Friday, Feb 15

Dr. Bryan Eichhorn from the University of Maryland, Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry, will present "Unravelling the Solid-Electrolyte-Interphase (SEI) Chemistry in Li-ion and Li-S Batteries." Byker Auditorium 3:10 pm. Prof. Rob Walker host.

Friday, March 1

Dr. Mitch Smith (Michigan State, Department of Chemistry) will present "Catalytic C–H and N–H Bond Scission in Fine Chemical Synthesis and Energy Conversion."  Byker Auditorium at 3:10 pm. Prof. Joan Broderick is the host.

Friday, March 8

Dr. Alex Guo (Carnegie Mellon University) will present "Spectroscopic and Kinetic Studies of Catalytically Versatile Non-Heme Iron Enzymes."  Byker Auditorium at 3:10 pm. Prof. Jen DuBois host.

Friday, March 15 

Dr. Orion Berryman (University of Montana, Missoula)  will present "Anion Triple Helicates: Self-Assembly Directed by Halogen Bonding."  Byker Auditorium at 3:10 pm.  Professor Mary Cloninger host.

Abstract; Anion directed self-assembly is inherently challenging in part due to the diffuse nature of anions and their variable binding geometries. In particular, the self-assembly of higher order anion helicates in solution is extremely rare. However, halogen bonding offers unique opportunities to address these challenges. 

Tuesday, March 26

Mr. Eric Smoll will defend his PhD in Chemistry beginning with a seminar titled "Reactive-Atom Scattering Dynamics and Liquid-Vacuum Interfacial Structure."  Eric works in the group of Prof. Tim Minton.  2pm ABB 138

Wednesday, March 27

Graduate Student Seminar - Max Koch will present "Development of a Multi-omics Method for the Analysis of Alzheimer's Disease.  Max works in the lab of Professor Ed Dratz.  1:00 pm in the Byker

Thursday, March 28

Ms. Mackenzie Fricke will defend her PhD Defense in Biochemisry beginning with a seminar titled "Cancer Process Probed by Multivalency: Investigations with Galectin-3 and Lactose Functionalized Dendrimers." 10 am ABB 138.  Mackenzie works in the lab or Prof. Mary Cloninger.

Friday, March 29

Dr. Elliott Hulley (University of Wyoming) will present "Application of FLP Design Strategies to Organometallic Transformations."

Abstract: Metal-carbon bond formation is one of the most important steps in organometallic catalysis, particularly when formed by C-H activation. Understanding the free-energy landscapes of chemical transformations is critical for catalyst design and improvement. Our laboratory has been investigating the thermodynamics of C-H heterolysis, operative in many catalytic C-H functionalizations, using tunable pairs of electrophilic metal complexes and basic proton acceptors (analogous to main group Frustrated Lewis Pairs, FLPs). Advantageous use of FLP-inspired transition metal frameworks requires balancing nucleophile/substrate interactions against the nucleophile/metal interactions that quench metal reactivity and block binding sites. In this talk, recent developments in understanding how C-H bond acidities change upon metal coordination will be discussed, particularly within the context of catalytic organic transformations.

Prof. Michael Mock host

Thursday, April 4

PhD Defense in Biochemistry - Luke Berry 11 am Byker

Friday, April 5

PhD Defense in Chemistry - Jacob Remington 11 am Byker 

Friday, April 5 

Prof. Timothy Warren (Georgetown University).  Prof. Michael Mock host

Thursday, April 11

Mr. Samuel Bernhard will present "Glycopolymers as Multivalent Probes of Galectin-3" as part of his PhD defense in Chemistry.  Sam works in the lab of Professor Mary Cloninger.  3:10 pm in the Byker Auditorium.

Friday, April 12

Dr. John Tunge (Kansas). Prof. Matt Cook host

Friday, April 19- University Holiday

Monday, April 22

Graduate Student Seminar -Stella Impano  1 pm Byker

Friday, April 26

Graduate Student Seminar - Casey Kennedy 1 pm Byker

Friday, April 26

Dr. Joan Valentine (UCLA).  Graduate students host. 

Monday, April 29

Ph.D. Defense in BIochemistry - Mohammed Refai

Friday, May 3

Dr. Joe Topczewski (University of Minnesota). Prof. Matt Cook host.

Thursday, May 16

Graduate Student Seminar - Angela Patterson 3 pm Byker