Thursday, January 9 

Graduate Students, Emerald Ellis (DuBois Lab), Danica Walsh (Livinghouse Lab), Alexandra Cheney (Copié Lab) and Sarah Hopfner (Cloninger Lab) will compete in the Department's first "Three Minute Thesis" competition.  The winner will represent the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in the CLS competition to be held in the early spring.  2 pm in the Byker Auditorium.    

The Three Minute Thesis is a competition developed by The University of Queensland in which students present their thesis research in 3 minutes to a general audience. For more information about the event, eligibility, and resources go to http://www.montana.edu/clstmt/.

Friday, January 17 -open

Friday, January 24 -

Dr. Joshua Heinemann (Research Scientist/Engineer, Computer and Electrical Engineering, Montana State University
Affiliate, Molecular Biophysics and Integrated Bioimaging, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
President, Cascade Fluidics LLC.) will present "Innovating Synthetic Biology and XFEL Sample Delivery Using Programmable Microfluidics." 3:10 pm in the Byker.  Dr. Heinemann completed his PhD at MSU in the lab of Professor Brian Bothner.


Enzymatic pathway engineering often requires expensive reagents, tedious manipulations, and significant time
commitment. These shortcomings can be overcome using digitally operated microfluidic devices that require
reduced sample volumes to automate biochemical reactions and can be conducted at significantly higher speeds
than humans or conventional robotics can undertake. One particular challenge is integrating bioassays with
expensive scientific instrumentation. Towards this goal I have developed programmable, high-speed microfluidic
devices, a highly sensitive and high throughput technique that integrates droplet microfluidics with nanostructure-initiator mass spectrometry (NIMS) and XFEL crystallography. Enzymatic reactions are carried out in droplets that can be arrayed into discrete elements at defined time intervals for subsequent analysis, enabling time resolved enzyme activity assay. I apply the platform for kinetic characterization of a glycoside hydrolase enzyme (CelE-CMB3A), a chimeric enzyme capable of deconstructing plant hemicellulose into monosaccharides and for mapping electron transfer in photosystem II.

Tuesday, January 28 

Faculty Candidate Seminar 4 pm

Friday, January 31 - open

Monday, February 3

Faculty Candidate Seminar  4 pm

Wednesday, February 12

Faculty Candidate Seminar 4 pm

Monday, February 24 

Faculty Candidate Seminar 4 pm

Friday, February 7

Dr. Stephan Irle from Oak Ridge National Laboratory will present "Recent developments for the quantum chemical investigation of molecular systems with high structural complexity."  Robert Szilagyi host. 


Friday, February 14 

Prof. Christian Melander from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Notre Dame. Tom Livinghouse host.

Friday, February 21 - open

Friday, February 28

Graduate Recruiting Day

Tuesday, March 3 - PhD Defense in Chemistry.

Ms. Märtha Welander will defend her PhD in Chemistry beginning with a seminar.  12:30 pm Byker Auditorium.  Märtha works in the laboratory of Prof. Rob Walker.

Friday, March 6 - open

Friday, March 13 

Stephen Sprang (Montana) Martin Lawrence host

Friday, March 20 - Spring Break

Friday, March 27 - NCUR at MSU 

Monday, March 30 - PhD Defense in Chemistry.

Ms. Casey Hickey will defend her PhD in Chemistry beginning with a seminar.  12 noon Byker Auditorium.  Casey works in the laboratory of Asst. Professor Erik Grumstrup.

Tuesday, March 31 - PhD Defense in Chemistry.

Ms. Elizabeth McDaniel will defend her PhD in Chemistry beginning with a seminar.  11 am Byker Auditorium.  Elizabeth works in the laboratory of Professor Joan Broderick.

Friday, April 3

Betul Kacar (University of Arizona) Roland Hatzenpichler

Friday, April 10 University Holiday

Friday, April 17

Viola Birss (University of Calgary)  Rob Walker

Friday, April 24

Jessica Hoover (Sharon Neufeldt)

Friday, May 1

James Prell (Dept. of Chemistry, Univeristy of Oregon). Brian Bothner Host