Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry-Summer and Fall 2017

Unless noted otherwise, All Friday Seminars will begin at 3:10 pm and take place in the Byker Auditorium-Chemistry Biochemistry Building.


Monday, May 8th

Ms. Ashley Beckstead will defend her Ph.D in Chemistry beginning with a seminar titled "Excited-State Dynamics of Biological Molecules in Solution: Photoinduced Charge Transfer in Oxidatively Damaged DNA and Deactivation of Violacein in Viscous Solvents." 9 am Byker Auditorium.  Ms. Beckstead is co-advised by Professors Rob Walker and Bern Kohler.

Wednesday, May 10th

Mr. David Skowron will defend his Ph.D in Chemistry beginning with a seminar titled "Subnanosecond Emission from Model DNA Oligomers Characterized though Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting Spectroscopy." Byker Auditorium at 1 pm.  David is co-advised by Professors Rob Walker and Bern Kohler. 

Wednesday, May 17th 1 pm

John Sauson, head of Sales for Agilent Mass Spectrometry will give a presentation: New Developments in Biological Mass Spectrometry. Professor Brian Bothner to host.

Wednesday, May 17th 3 pm

Ms. Amanda Fuchs will present her research in a 4th graduate student seminar.  Byker Auditorium at 3 pm.  Amanda works in the lab of Professor Valérie Copié.


Thursday, June 1st

Ms. Jessica Ennist will defend her Ph.D in Chemistry beginning with a seminar titled "Chemo-enzymatically Synthesized Glycodendrimers and the Development of Dendronized Surfaces." Byker Auditorium at 9 am.  Jessica is completing her Ph.D in the laboratory of Professor Mary Cloninger. 

Friday, June 16th

Erik van Kuijk, MD, PhD Professor & Chair Dept. of Ophthalmology & Visual Neurosciences, University of Minnesota Medical School, will present "Zinc in sub-retinal deposits and its role in pathogenesis of age related macular degeneration."  Byker Auditorium at 3:10 pm.  Professor Ed Dratz will host this event.

Tuesday, June 20th

Ms. Natasha Pettinger will defend her M.S. in Chemistry beginning with a seminar titled "The non-classical crystallization of cerium oxide nanoparticles."  9 am in the Byker Auditorium.  Ms. Pettinger is co-advised by Professors Bern Kohler and Pat Callis.


Thursday, July 6th

Mr. Kyle Reeping will defend his Ph.D in Chemistry beginning with a seminar.  Byker Auditorium 9:30 am

Wednesday, July 12th

Mr. Eric Massaro will present a 3rd year graduate student seminar (title TBD).  1 pm in the Byker Auditorium.  Eric works in the laboratory of Professor Erik Grumstrup.

Friday, July 21

György Lendvay from the Institute of Chemistry, University of Pannonia, Veszprém, Hungary and
Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of
Sciences, Budapest, Hungary will present "Dynamics of Complex-Forming Bimolecular Reactions with a
Theoretist’s Eye"  3:10 pm Byker Auditorium.  Prof. Robert Szilgyi will host.

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry-Fall 2017

Friday September 1

Dr. Leslie Murray - Professor Jen DuBois host

Friday September 8

Brian Hoffman - Professor Joan Broderick host

Thursday September 14

Professor Paul Blakemore, Oregon State University
“Stereospecific Assembly of Carbon-Carbon Bonds Using Scalemic Carbenoids”

Friday September 15

Dr. Ron Shen - Graduate Student Association host

Friday September 22

Dr. Gerrick Lindberg - Professor Sharon Neufeldt host

Friday September 29

 Catherine Murphy - Professor Tim Minton host

Friday, October 6

John Kozarich of ActivX Biosciences, Joan Broderick host

Friday, October, 13

Ed Rosenburg (UM) Robert Szilagyi host

Friday, October 20 

Dr. George Stanley from Louisiana State University will present "Bimetallic Cooperativity in Catalysis: Twice the Fun!" 3:10 pm in the Byler. Professor Sharon Neufeldt is the host. 

Abstract:  Homobimetallic rhodium complexes using the binucleating tetraphosphine ligand racemic-(Et2PCH2CH2)(Ph)PCH2P(Ph)(CH2CH2PEt2), et,ph-P4, are highly active and selective hydroformylation catalysts for a variety of 1-alkenes.  We have investigated the nature of the bimetallic cooperativity in this novel catalyst via extensive in situ FT-IR, NMR, kinetic, isotopic labeling experiments, and DFT computational studies, all of which indicate that the key bimetallic catalyst in acetone is a unique dicationic Rh(+2) oxidation state complex, [rac-Rh2(m-H)2(CO)2(et,ph-P4)]2+.  Unfortunately, the NMR studies clearly indicate that this catalyst system is very susceptible to deactivating fragmentation reactions. 

When a 30% water/acetone solvent system is used for hydroformylation deprotonation of the dicationic dihydride species occurs generating a less active, but far more fragmentation resistant bimetallic catalyst proposed to be [Rh2(m-H)(CO)2(et,ph-P4)]+, which out-preforms the dicationic catalyst.  Based on the fragmentation problem a new, far more strongly coordinating P4 ligand that uses 1,2-phenylene based chelating groups has been designed, synthesized, and characterized.  Studies on bimetallic complexes based on this new P4 ligand will be discussed.

Friday, October 27

Regan Thompson (Northwestern) Matt Cook host

Friday, November 3

Dr. Steve Patterson (University of Minnesota), Garrett Moraski host

Friday November 10 -Holiday

Friday November 17 open

Friday, Dec 1

Scott Shaw (Iowa State) Rob Walker host


Spring 2018

Friday, January 12 -open

Friday January 19 -open

Friday January 26- 

Levi Stanley (Matt Cook)

Friday February 3 -open

Friday, February 16

Dr. Melanie Sanford (Michigan) . Sharon Neufeldt host.

Friday February 23

Graduate Recruiting Speaker, Dr. Sunshine Silver, Assistant Professor, North Park University, Chicago.