Spring 2018

Unless noted otherwise, All Friday Seminars will begin at 3:10 pm and take place in the Byker Auditorium-Chemistry Biochemistry Building.

Thursday, January 11 

Philip (Tino) Woodburn a 4th year graduate student in the Materials Science Ph.D Program will present  "Fresh Powder: Effects of Fabrication Processes of Rare Earth Doped Powders for Photonic Applications."  Tino works in the laboratory of Professor Rufus Cone (Physics). Byker Auditorium at 3:00 pm. 

Friday, January 12 

Fourth year graduate student Luke Berry (Prof. Brian Bothner's lab) will be presenting his research in a seminar titled "Go Team BETCy! Using Mass Spectrometry based techniques to study a unique mechanism of energy conservation".  Byker Auditorium at 3:10 pm.  

Friday, January 19 

CBB facilities Open House with Professors Bothner, Copie, and Lawrence Byker Auditorium at 4:10 pm 

Four MSU Core Facilities in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry will host concurrent Open House sessions on Friday, January 19th from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. There will be a short​ seminar at 4:10 PM in the Byker Auditorium followed by lab tours​ and refreshments.

Everyone is invited to tour the labs after the seminar, watch demonstrations of key equipment, and enjoy refreshments. These facilities are available to ​faculty and students for research, data analysis, consultation, and teaching.

​The aim of the Core facilities ​in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is to accelerate scientific discovery by providing MSU researchers access to cutting-edge technologies and resources in Mass Spectrometry, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy​, and X-ray ​Structural determination.

Thursday, January 25

Dr. Craig Williams (University of Queensland). Professor Matt Cook host. Byker Auditorium at 12 pm. 12 pm in the Byker Auditorium.

Friday, January 26 

Dr. Levi Stanley (Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Iowa State University) will present “Catalytic Alkene Hydroacylation and Carboacylation: From Reaction Development to Asymmetric Catalysis” in the Byker Auditorium at 3:10 pm.  Dr. Stanley is the guest of Professor Matt Cook.

Friday, February 2 

Date not available-

Friday February 9 

Dr. Jaclyn Henderson from Biogen. Professor Matt Cook host.

Friday, February 16

Dr. Melanie Sanford (Michigan), Letters and Science Distinguished Lecturer. Professor Sharon Neufeldt host.

Friday, February 23

Graduate Recruiting Speaker, Dr. Sunshine Silver, Assistant Professor, North Park University, Chicago.

Friday, March 2 

The Materials Science Program and The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry will host  Professor Anne McCoy (Department of Chemistry, University of Washington).  Dr. McCoy is the guest of Professor Rob Walker.

Friday, March 9 

Dr. Pratyush Tiwary (University of Maryland). Prof. Nick Stadie host. 

Friday, March 23

Dr. Jeff Blackburn (NREL) Prof. Erik Grumstrup host. 

Friday April 6

As part of the Callis Regents Professorship and 80th birthday celebration weekend, Professor Callis will present a seminar an overview of his distinguished career.  

Friday, April 13

Dr. Regan Thompson (Northwestern) will present “Natural Products - From the Seas to the Skies." Professor Matt Cook host.

Friday, April 20-

Shelley Lusetti NM State- Bothner

Friday, April 27 

Michael Jung from UCLA is the Grieco Distinguisehd Lecturer and will present (title to follow). He is the guest of Prof. Tom Livinghouse.

Friday, May 4

Dr. Tom Meeks (Texas A&M)  (DuBois)

Friday, May 25

Dr. Bruce Gibb -Tulane University Prof. Mary Cloninger host.