Montana Valley

The NSF REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) program in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry recruits ten students each year for summer research in chemical biology. REU students are primarily from small colleges in the upper northwest region of the United States, specifically including Native American students and students from the Tribal Community Colleges and other small colleges in Montana. Students receive a stipend of $5000, and on-campus housing is provided.

The students spend the summer working on independent research projects in chemical biology in the labs of their assigned faculty advisors. All students work closely with their graduate student mentors as well. Safety training and laboratory orientation are provided on the first day of the program. Departmental faculty members teach a series of workshops covering topics including NMR, mass spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, EPR spectroscopy, computational chemistry, bioassays/separation science, scientific ethics, careers in chemistry, and applying to graduate school. REU group meetings allow the students to present their ongoing research to their peers. Throughout the summer, students are encouraged to participate in social events such as a rafting trip, a trip to Yellowstone National Park, a day hike, and barbeques. The culmination of the summer research program is a poster symposium where each student presents his or her work to the entire department. An awards dinner follows the poster presentations and formally concludes the summer program.

Internship Abroad!
Two Native American students who have already completed a research internship (this could be a previous REU, a McNair Scholars program, or some other research experience) can choose to participate in an international research internship in Malaysia! Please request a placement in Malaysia on your application.

Applications are due on February 15, 2018. A complete application consists of the online application form, a current transcript and two letters of recommendation, all of which should be submitted electronically.



This is a 15 minute documentary describing our REU program.