Ms. Melodie Machovina -DOE Fellowship Recipient

Ms. Melodie Machovina (Prof. Jen DuBois' Lab) was selected by the Department of Energy to participate in the Science and Graduate Student Research program (SCGSR).  According to the website "The DOE SCGSR program provides a unique opportunity for selected graduate students to complete part of their thesis work at a DOE laboratory that provides resources that are otherwise unavailable at their institution." Melodie will be relocating to Golden, CO at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Using NREL’s advanced computational programs she will explore the energy landscape and detailed reaction pathway of the oxidation reaction performed by the enzyme, Nogalamycin Monooxygenase (NMO).  NMO helps in the synthesis of the antibiotic nogalamycin in Streptomyces nogalater. She will also explore the applicability of this enzyme and others like it in lignin biomass degradation. If successful, these proteins will be a more environmentally friendly and cheaper alternative to current methods of lignin breakdown.

Ph.D. Students Awarded 2016/2017 Kopriva Graduate Student Fellowships


Dr. Sharon Neufeldt will join the Department as an Assistant Professor in August of 2016


Dr. Sharon Neufeldt will join the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry as a new organic faculty member in August of 2016.

Dr. Neufeldt’s research at MSU will target the development of catalytic systems for transforming small molecules into value-added compounds, such as sequence-controlled polymers and fuels. Key areas of research in the Neufeldt group will include understanding and controlling selectivity in metal-catalyzed reactions, utilizing methane in C–C bond-forming reactions, and hydrogenating CO2 by exploiting novel ligand-metal systems. Experimental efforts in the Neufeldt lab will be complemented by the use of powerful computational techniques.

Dr. Neufeldt is currently the Cram Teacher-Scholar at UCLA, where she works with Prof. Ken Houk to study organometallic systems using computational tools. Previously, she received her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, where she developed Pd-catalyzed C–H functionalization methodology with Prof. Melanie Sanford.

Dr. Nick Stadie will join the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry as an Assistant Professor in January of 2017.


Feb 1-2016 Dr. Nick Stadie will be joining the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry as a new faculty member.