The Department would like to thank all of our alumni, donors and friends for their unwavering generosity and financial support. Without your contributions, our Department would not be able to honor the achievements of our undergraduate and graduate students. Donor and alumni gifts make a huge impact on the lives of our faculty, staff and students. We look forward to building and sustaining relationships with all of you.

The department embraces contributions from all faculty, staff and students. The elimination of stereotypes that hinder active participation by anyone who is interested in chemistry and biochemistry is our goal.


In Memory

The department acknowledged the passing of Professor Cynthia (Cyd) McClure in May of 2014. Prof. McClure had an outstanding career as an organic chemistry at MSU from 1994–2009. Prof. McClure had an active and successful research program, taught undergraduate and graduate classes in organic chemistry and was the recipient of numerous grants and awards. She was a champion for women in science and is deeply missed by department colleagues, friends and family.