MSU is a dynamic university of 12,000+ students with the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry being the strongest and best-funded department.  The faculty in the department have expertise over a broad range of specialty areas including synthesis, structure, spectroscopy, and mechanism. In each of these fields, the strength of the department has been recognized at the international level. 

We strive to stimulate all of our students to learn, to imagine, to discover - and to equip them with every tool that they need to flourish in their own exciting and rewarding careers. Learning Chemistry and Biochemistry at Montana State is a unique experience. Not only do we have an excellent research facility, the Chemistry and Biochemistry Building finished in 2007, we have a spectacular building, Gaines Hall, that reflects the quality of education we provide our students. Gaines Hall is an integral part of undergraduate studies in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and a great place to study, meet and attend classes